Friday, March 6, 2009

Fact full Friday

Fact 1:  Madeline is going to her first sleep over tonight. I am very very nervous. This is the first time she's ever stayed over at someone else's house that isn't a family member. If I manage to get any sleep tonight it will be a miracle. 

Fact 2:  This weekend is Chase's grade school reunion. That's right I said grade school! I'm so excited to meet that part of his life. 

Fact 3:  Max has been a little turkey these past few days. Don't get me wrong he's funny and all but, boy has he been ornery. So ornery that Chase has decided to start randomly video taping him and make a video of him. Believe me, I'll be posting that! He did sort of accomplish dressing himself this week. And, that in the world of Max is huge!

Fact 4:  I am so ready for spring. I can't believe that the time change is this weekend. This weekend!  That means spring will be coming.  I can't wait to get my hands in the dirt. My flower bed is calling my name! 

I look back at the past week and realize how fast life is going. I wish I could slow it down.  If there was a way believe me, I'd be rewinding just to watch it again.  


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Ok, so I'm not pregnant - nor do I plan to be anytime in the near future... but this weekend my husband mentioned that he really liked the name Max and I said that I hope we have a girl one day and I'd like to name her Madeline :)

Tricia Nugen said...

Yeah Amy, then you'll have your own M & M's