Friday, March 27, 2009

Fact full Friday

This week has been crazy!

We started out the week with Dance Class on Monday night. Let me just say Madeline has gotten so good. When her teacher suggested we move to this class after Christmas I must admit that I was very nervous. All the other girls were older than her by at least a year. And I'm not one of those moms who always thinks her kid is the best. At least I try not to be one of those moms. Tap dance is very hard. It's hard to listen and make sure you get each sound that's needed. But, she's really gotten good. That girl can do a time step at the drop of a hat! In the middle of the grocery store, where ever she is that she's standing still she'll do one for you. And, she'll do it perfectly.

Let's see Max, where do you start? God love that little curly headed boy. He has learned to get himself out of any trouble he gets in. He'll spill milk and then look at you knowing how upset you are and say, "mom, I love you all the time." He's also in this really, really bad habit of getting out of his bed after we put him too bed. And, bless his heart he says things like mom, "I'm itchy all over. All over mom. I need you to put some lotion on me." or, my other favorite "mom, i need a drink cause I'm coughing, really mom, I'm coughing really bad and I'm so thirsty from coughing mom." so, I give him a drink and put him back to bed. He's a charmer that's for sure.

Max and Madeline have really bonded well as dear friends. They love to sleep together every Saturday night. It's a tradition that has become theirs. They go to bed at 8:30 pm on Saturday night and finally drift off to sleep at about 9:45pm. The upside to this is Chase and I get to sleep in until 7:30am. I know it's not that late, but to us it's another hour of rested uninterrupted sleep. And the memories they have created in just the few weeks they have been doing this are priceless. And, even after all the fuss of getting them back in bed a thousand times it's worth it. Some day, they'll be gone. And won't be here to drive us crazy! And, believe me we'll miss it then.

Now, I know I've posted before about my real love. But, Chase is amazing. He's such a wonderful advocate for me and our children. For example, about 3 weeks ago Madeline fell on the play ground and hit her face on the concrete. She had a swollen eye and was sent to the nurses station. They put ice on it and then sent her back on her way out to play and back to class. Never called us, never sent a note home nothing. So, I get to daycare to pick her up and she tells me what happens, her eye was swollen and red. I call Chase and of course I was furious. I was really, really furious! I totally yelled and screamed and went off. In normal irate mom fashion I went off and who took it - Chase did. (Sorry for that honey ;)) Then today, he amazed me yet again. He emailed the principal of Madeline's school and told her about the incident. Now, I know that with Natasha Richardson's incident recently it brings alot of emotions to the surface. He also mentioned that. He wanted her to understand that we know Madeline's injury wasn't a big deal. But, if it was a big enough deal to send her to the Nurse's office it was a big enough deal to let us know. And maybe in the future it won't happen to someone else. His love for his family amazes me. And the fact he's always willing to go to bat for us makes me love him that much more. It may seem like it wasn't a big deal but knowing the love he has for us is a huge deal.

As for me, well nothing has really been going on. I'm taking pictures, working and going through life. The most excitement for me this week is I have been nominated as the Secretary of Cambridge Elementary PTA. Each office is held for 2 years. It should be fun. I am NOT excited about all the snow coming this weekend. I am a little disappointed with Mother Nature. I'm done with winter and very ready for spring.

I know this post is long and it's not my normal funny haha post. But, it's how I was feeling today. I felt like these words needed to come out in this post. Next week I promise to have happy jolly posts! Until then enjoy the snow!


Chandra said...

Little Max, God love him, he's a player just like Riley(pulling at mommy's heart strings)... and Madeline, your little star, how bright she is going to shine in everything she does!

Hope you guys have a great weekend! We have a fish fry tonight (Cooper has to work at it for Cub Scouts)at our church and then tomorrow night is the PTO Auction and dinner...exciting stuff I tell you!

amanda said...

pretty sure madeline gets her mad tapping skillz from her mama :)

and max? how could you ever say no?? both of them are beyond adorable friend!

snow? i am in major denial. i just can't believe what they are saying??

Fresh Mommy said...

Bless you, what a full and interesting weekend. Those momma adventures are always keeping you on your toes I'm sure!! Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday!