Monday, March 30, 2009

Starting the week with a ER trip? Not a good start.

**********Graphic Photos******** this is what happens when your mom is a nurse*******************************************

2:00pm today Chase calls me and says " The school nurse just called me and Madeline has fallen off the monkey bars and cut her chin. She thinks she may need stitches." My heart immediately sank. Knowing that she was just across the bridge and not really knowing what the injury intailed I left work to go get her. I talked to Chase on the way there and we had already decided that if she needs stitches we'd be heading over to Children's Mercy. I got to the school and sure enough it didn't look so hot. Madeline was fine, she was not even crying. Not one bit! It wasn't her chin it was her neck. I loaded her up and we were off. On the way there I asked tons of questions. How did it happen Mad? That was the first question. She was apparently doing flips on the monkey bars and missed the bar. That meant she hit the next on the way down and that's how she hit her neck. On the next bar down. She bit her tongue as well. I was surprised to see there was NO blood on her clothes, only the cheese ravioli she had for lunch. Chase had planned on meeting us at the hospital. Once there we only waited about 15 minutes in the waiting area then we were back in a room. Chase and I don't exactly have the best experience with Children's Mercy Hospital. (They have been less than easy to deal with-Max goes every 6 months to the endocrinologist. He was born without a Thyroid) The nurse came in and put the wonderful numbing medicine and a bandaid over Madeline's laceration.  The Doctor came in about 30 minutes later looked at the spot Yep, we've got to stitch that up! Then, the wonderful education team came in with their kit. They showed Madeline on a doll exactly what was going to happen. They told her she'd feel nothing and they were right! The Dr. came back in, the cleaned her up and stitched her up. 3 stitches later and she's perfect! She was amazing, she never complained. They played games with her while they were stitching her up and she didn't pay any attention to them. The Dr. was fabulous as was the rest of the staff! Even though we had a trauma we handled it perfectly. Madeline is doing just fine.  The Dr. advised that she not do any PE or dance until after the stitches are out. He said, "if it was her leg they'd give her an immobilizer but since it was her neck he'd like to prevent any further problems." 
So, a orange slushie, a stuffed rabbit and 2 stickers later we were off! (3 hours total we spent there.)

It was movie night here and of course she got her favorite supper - Breakfast! 

Here's the before, sorry but it was on my phone




Sheri said...

OMG - Poor little Maddie! That really looks awful. But what a trooper! Good strong, smart, beautiful girls we have! Way to go Maddie - try to avoid the monkey bars for awhile! =) said...

Poor little thing! That's gotta hurt! Yikes!!!

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I'm so glad that she had a good experience with the ER. It can be pretty scary! How cool that they showed her what was going to happen on the doll... I wish all docs were that kind!

amanda said...

oh no friend! so glad everyone is ok :)

Chandra said...

Your right, it's not the best way to start off the work week! Mad is such a trooper, that little one is one tough cookie! Hope she's doing well (and milking it for everything that it's worth!) LOL!
Tell her Uncle Rob and Aunt Chandra are thinking about her!