Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why I work in Healthcare

Tomorrow is nurses day! I went in to the health care field because I've always wanted to help people. I love it. Some days don't get me wrong, things are chaotic and so disorganized that I feel like I'm drowning. But, 15 years ago I remember walking in that first day. I was working in our local small farming town physician's office in the ER. My first day the first patient that came in was a chain saw injury. I was on the floor literally. They were all working their little hearts out running around pulling suture materials and scalpels, needle drivers and gauze pads out of drawers and moving so quickly while walking over me! I'll never forget that feeling of walking in there thinking I was invincible. I came around after passing out for a little bit. I've always remembered how it started out and I never passed out while at work again! We were so busy at that little practice. I learned so much and was soo underpaid. After working their for 3 years I moved on to KU and worked for the residency program where I learned right along with the residents. They taught me so much and I loved that job! I've worked so many different places and learned so much. If I had it to do over again I would! I would love and learn all the experiences again! What I've learned in 15 years is that people aren't really mean, or bitchy, or even really difficult! They need you to listen. They need you to treat them like you would want to be treated. Believe me, it hasn't all been roses! There are some real stinkers out there! And, that's what your hold button is for. So, be extra nice to your nurses tomorrow! Happy Nurse's Day Ladies! 


wife.mom.nurse said...

Happy Nurse's day to you too!

What a great story! Oh my gosh, that is amazing!

Sounds like you do facinating work now. I would love to hear more about it sometime!!!

amanda said...

happy happy nurses day to my all time most favoritest nurse :)