Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Twelve years ago Chase and I took off on one of our first adventures ever. We headed to Orlando Florida so Chase could obtain his life dream of becoming a Sound Engineer. It was awesome and I've never been so proud of what he accomplished. Besides watching him be a dad seeing him obtain this degree was the next best thing! We were a 3 day road trip from home with only each other. At least that's how it started. We met our friends who would be lifers. Our second family who happened to all be in the same boat as us! Far away from home.

This last weekend we all reconnected. It was fantastic! I haven't seen 2 of them in 12 years. Andre and Chris are like Chase's brothers so I saw them last 3 years ago.

(That's me in front obviously, Chris behind me, and Chase in the navy shirt)


Chris, Shannon and Aaron - known as Stackhouse

Chase and Dre on Graduation day!

Here's a few photos from the weekend. With 2 photographers, 2 Sound Engineers, 1 Digital Media guru, and The one and only Adventure Keefe here we knew there would for sure be a photo shoot!

IMG_0041 copy

Dre, me, Chase, Stack, Shannon, and Chris Keefe



this pictures pretty much sums up the weekend! There was so much laughing that my neck, sides and face hurt! Nothing better!


Shannon and Chris! Tatonka!




Still Lovey Dovey!


I mean we must be royalty. The Ambassador of Quan was here! Seriously!


IMG_0064 copy

Remake of a Huey Lewis and the News album cover - FORE!


Thank you guys so much for coming to visit! We had a fantastic time. Life is forever changed now that The Wolfpack is back together!


Andre said...

One of the best weekends of my life! Thanks for opening your home to us and I love you guys!

Andre said...

One of the best weekends of my life! Thanks for opening your home to us. I love you guys!

Chandra said...

Nice. Can't believe I haven't posted on this..but things in my own little world wouldn't allow it...anyway..great pics! Seriously I need to get Riley up there for some pics...I love the graffiti background!

wife.mom.nurse said...

What fun! What great pix! You look terrific :)