Monday, March 29, 2010

How my appointment went- play by Play

Waiting patiently to get this done and over with. Appointment time was 1:45. Still waiting in lobby.

2:25 still waiting... Oh wait here we go!

2:35 I am in a room and she got called to delivery! She will be back in 30 minutes! I will wait! Afterall I drove 30 minutes to get here. I'll take a nap!

3:15 In comes my Dr. Who of course looks like a million bucks and my husband calls the Hot Doctor! - She is. We discuss the erratic behavior of my monthly cycles and what we can do to help them help me be happy once again. Here's what she said:
1. We can do a birth control pill but you were already using the NuvaRing to control your cycles and it was making them worse.
2. We can try the Mirena IUD and hope it stops them all together.
3. We can do another ablation, D&C but it would need to be under anesthesia at the hospital.
Those are pretty much our options from this point.

Me: Which do you think is the better option?
Her: Well, I would say try the Mirena for 3 months and if it doesn't do the job we could still go ahead and do the procedure again. The problem is your AGE and it will be difficult to shut down the cycles completely. Ultimately if there were some abnormalities we could just do a hysterectomy and call it a day. However, your last ultrasound calculated your endometrial thickness at a 5.4. So, regardless of anything else we have to first do and endometrial biopsy.
Me: O god you said those words. I hate those things. Last time I had one I made it to the parking lot before puking. (stomach is in my chest here and if you know me you know there is no room up there for anything other than the girls that already reside there.)

So, we proceed to get it all done and over with. I'm left now trying to decide what the best option is. Do we continue with something or go with nothing? Any ideas? What would you do?


amanda said...

you know me and i am a wimp - i say take it all out. put a fork in me and call me done.

but i am not sure that is actually the right thing to do??

i know whatever you decide it will be the right decision!

thinking of you friend!

Chandra said...

I say follow the doctor's orders. Do the Merola thingy and see what that does. Don't do the one thing you dread more then anything if you don't have to!
Since I'm so late getting this comment in...I guess the question now is..what did you decide to do?