Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hey Stranger

I bet you guys thought I disappeared. Nah, I'm still here. I've just been extremely busy. Today I will finish my last orders and my last books for my clients. And, I'll start burning CD's with the smaller version of the .jpgs for them. I'll be surprising them with their complete gallery for Facebook or Blogging purposes. ( I can say all this here because I don't think they read this!) I am looking forward to a busy week ahead with family stuff. We have end of year activities at school starting this week this year went fast. Exciting busy fun. But, for now because no blog is complete without a few photos here's the kiddos. I think Madeline has changed this last year in her looks. She's growing up so fast and she's so pretty. And, of course I am not biased the least bit! Max on the other hand - well, his hair just gets bigger. I keep waiting for him to take off that helmet but he rarely does.

Happy Sunday Everyone! It's good to be back!