Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tomorrow is the day!

Tomorrow = 1 month since I started this weight loss get healthy challenge. I will be weighing in because I said I would. I don't want too! I'm nervous, nervous I have failed the weight loss part. But, really happy I didn't fail the give up part! Softball, photography and my 8-5 job attempted to get in the way. I won't say I always made a concious effort but I did think before I put something that was not good in my mouth. I'm going to continue this journey, you may not hear much about it but I'm going to continue it! Thank you for your kudos and cheers! I do wish more of you would comment! You'd be surprised what a little inspiration, and motivators you all are! wish me luck in the morning!


amanda said...


Julie, Dan and Bennett said...

Good Luck Tricia!! I will begin the journey in a couple months!!

Julie, Dan and Bennett said...

Good luck Tricia!! I will join you in a couple months!!!