Monday, August 30, 2010

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

Happy Monday everyone! What a fantastic weekend. We were fortunate enough to see our beloved Grace Potter and the Nocturnals again with our Friends The Eidson's. I'm happy to say Max's first concert was a fantastic one! I hope that someday he'll take after his dad and have a true love of music. Chase has really taught me over our years together how amazing music can be, that it's not always about what everyone plays on the radio. It's about the sound, emotion and feelings that make music real. Madeline is just like him in so many ways and music is one of them. We had amazing weather, the music was ok. I'll be honest NO Parking to me was nothing more than a cover band. Like you've probably heard at any bar. There was some other guy on before Grace Potter and honestly, I would have LOVED it if they shortened his set by about 5 songs so GPN could have played longer but, nobody asked me!

I posted a little video last week of Madeline rockin out to some Grace Potter and I am Happy to say that Ms. Madeline stood in the very front row next to the stage with her daddy! While little man and I hung back. I wasn't sure how he'd handle being so confined and I held him most of the show she opened the show with "Joey" which is ironically the song Madeline was singing in the video. Now, those of you who know Max are aware that NOTHING makes him stop in his tracks like a John Deere. But, apparently Grace Potter also has the same effect! After she sang "Joey" Max yelled while the crowd was a little quiet - he said, "GRACE, I love you." It was so cute!
We finished the second half of the concert from our seats, which was fine. After the show Maddie and Chase came back with us she was all wound up and apparently, the tour manager came over and asked if Madeline would like to get up on stage and sing "Medicine" with Grace. She didn't do it! She was too embarrassed. I would have love to see her do it, but I totally understand her fear. She will I'm sure be sad she missed that chance later in life. They did get to meet Grace after the show and she took some pictures with them! Max did try to steal a smooch but didn't succeed. Here's a few pictures from the event! She will be hugely successful and i could listen to her 24/7! Can't wait to see You again!
You have true fans at the Nugen house Grace!
IMG_0428 copy
I know you can't really see her here but do you see the look on his face? That's the Happy John Deere look!
In the words of Grace Potter - "She's got the medicine that everybody wants."
And, if you haven't ever heard her You are missing out in a big way!

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Chandra said...

I just LOVE these pictures! (I was sooooo waiting for this post!)

Glad you came down and I could experience my first GPN concert with you and CNP! I love that she is completely out of the norm for the music that I listen to...and I LOVE her thanks to you guys!I now Know to listen to CNP...he IS the music Man!