Sunday, August 15, 2010


Where have I been? Well, I've kind of taken a little break from my bloggity life because THIS life has become wonderfully busy! I LOVE IT!

As a quick catch up here's what a little peek at our weeks schedule starting with today:
Sunday: Photoshoot 7am
Photoshoot 6pm
Monday: Back to school night at Grace (Max's school) 4:30pm
Back to school night at Cambridge (Madeline's school) 5:30
Work Back to school night from 6:00 - 7:00
Tuesday: Back to school for Madeline - 2nd grade!
10:00am Orientation at Max's school
11:30am Lunch with Chase
? 5 year pictures with Max for birthday invitations (9/18/10 is the party)
3:30pm Pick up Madeline
5:30pm Soccer Practice
8:00pm Kids to bed and finish editing some of the weekends photos
Wednesday: Work 8-5 pm
Attempt to get a workout so I don't lose my mind
Finish ad for Belton Athletics program
Thursday: Work 8 - 5pm
5:30 Soccer Practice
Finish editing
Friday: Work 8 - 5pm
Appointment with Max's teacher at 8:20am
Finish editing before the weekend (hopefully)
Saturday: Prep order to send to printers
Sunday: Work on orders for photography books
6pm - 8pm Double Header Soccer game for Chase and I

Then, we do it all over again! Somehow I have to figure out the work out schedule, because it's one of the only things that helps me keep my sanity! I hope you all have a great week!

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Chandra said...

Geez woman, I'd tell you to slow down but I know that won't/can't happen...I'm not sure how you could fit a workout in there...might I suggest getting up at the ass crack of dawn? LOL!