Thursday, August 5, 2010

A photo walk through my yard

It was hot last week... When I say Hot I mean OMG HOT! Wow! So, last week I was having a rough tie at work and decided I should pick up my camera. It usually puts me in my ZEN mode. So, off I went through my back yard and here's what I found.
Love to listen to them but seriously do NOT like them!
this was just a weed. but, it's going to be on my wall because I love it!

I used a magnification lens on this photo and had to get super close to get him. I was shaking at first but here's my final close up!

That's his actual size... yucky~!

He flew off after that. I will admit I may have screamed just a little!
Happy Thursday everyone!

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Chandra said...

These are sooo cool Tricia. The detail is amazing!