Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday with the family & Promoting Grace Potter & the Nocturnals

Today we had family day! It's nothing new we always have family day on Saturday's but today we promoted Grace Potter and The Nocturnals upcoming concert. We did this in the freezing cold, wind and snow! And it was fun! Here's a short little video of the work that took place! I must confess though, while I want everyone to LOVE GPN like I love them. I liked keeping them all to myself! We called them our band for so long and now they are everyone's band! Congratulations GPN for an amazing year of accomplishments. And, thank you for the unbelievable talent and music you share with us!

xoxo - The Nugen Family!

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Chandra said...

It's a Hot Summer wait, actaully it's sill Winter and it's really bad weather!

Have guys should be like, the head of her fan page! LOL!