Thursday, February 12, 2009


It was a very cold Friday in January. January 26, 1996 to be exact. My sister had talked me into going on a blind date with a friend of her boyfriends. I remember being so nervous and her telling me all the way there about him. She said, "he's funny." And, he's a lifeguard, he plays the guitar, and he's just the person for you. I asked her, "What kind of car does he drive?" (how shallow right?) (I know) her response, " A yellow mustang. " Nothing more was said. That was about the time the newer mustangs had come out and yellow was the popular color. Little did I know It was a 84 yellow mustang known as "The Sub." That car was a legend. It had holes in the floor boards and you had to turn off the air conditioner to make it go faster! Chase and I hit if off immediately. We talked until wee hours in the morning. We went on our first official date not long after. He took me to see the movie 7 with Brad Pitt. We talked everyday after that and to this day, I'm not sure we skipped one day. Our first Valentine's Day he took me to see Bed of Roses. He bought me a little dreamsicle statue of cupid with his bow and arrow. And, he wrote me a beautiful card. Life went fast that year, he lived in Wichita and I still lived in Wellington (40 minute drive). There were countless road trips home late at night, camping trips at the lake down the road from my parents house. Lots of parking down the road and making out. What young people do in love. That summer I decided to change jobs and find one closer to him. I started working at KU in Wichita and we saw each other all the time. Not only had I fallen in love with him but I also fell in love with Sami (his dog) and his family. I felt so at home. And, they treated me like their own. So connected. A year later Chase had planned on fulfilling his dream of becoming a Sound Engineer and that involved him moving. Not just down the street but moving to Florida. There was never a question in my heart as to if I was going or not. I knew we belonged together and I didn't want to be anywhere but with him. So, we took off. He and I. Just the two of us.(intro to song mentally) We left our friends and family behind to create an adventure like no other. I worked as a nurse in a Dr's office while he was in school. We survived on Ramen Noodles and $5 for 4 packs of bologna from Winn Dixie. We made it work. We had many challenges and faced them together, head on. We had no one else to go to but each other. That following summer on July 4th we made our first trip home in a year to see our family. We had talked about getting married and moving closer to home after Chase was done with school that following September. We met our wonderful friends the Eidson's at Yaya's in Wichita for dinner on a Thursday night. We pulled into the parking lot and Chase asked me to marry him. He was so nervous. Of course I said yes. We celebrated with our friends the rest of the week in style like college kids do. I was so honored that he chose me. That following July 10, 1999 we were married. We had an amazing wedding. It was so much fun! I know I haven't danced that much since. This year it will be 10 years that we've been married. I can't believe it. We've had ups, downs, deaths, joy and happiness. 10 years, 2 amazing children and a wonderful life.

Chase, I still love you just as much today as I did that day when you pulled up in that yellow mustang at Jeremy Buffington's house. My heart still skips when you walk in a room and when I look in your eyes I'm still amazed at how beautiful they are. Thank you for loving me.

For old times sake, I'll meet you in the car! ;)

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Chandra said...

Now I can post...I couldn't on the first post you did earlier...

What a beautiful story!! And for what it's worth, you two have always been my inspiration(even though Rob and I have been married longer), always in love...through the ups and donws...that's what matters!

I'm so happy for you!!!!