Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our little cat lover

A Valentine's package with 2 of Max's new obsessions arrived at our house on Friday. (Thank you to my MIL!) Max has become a cat lover. Chase, Madeline and I are not fans of the creature. I do have to admit though it is really, really cute watching him with his little cats. Here's a video of him loving on his cat! Or, in Max language, wuvving on his tat!

This video is the true essence of our divided house. He's out numbered I tell you but how can you not think he's cute!


amanda said...

yay for figuring out the comments!

and loving the new design :)

Chandra said...

Poor littly Maxy, he's terribly out numbered! But I agree...CATS Rule and Dogs Drool! (Cooper would be so proud of me!) Does he still have his obsessin with CARS? You know there's always something newer and better around the corner!
Love ya!