Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday fun!

This past Saturday was our local parade for Snake Saturday. We had our friends the Eidson's over for some BBQ and the traditional green beer. It was yummy. I had found this recipe on her site and it was OMG soooo yummy! I have also become very addicted to that site. So, Thanks Pioneer Woman! Chase out did himself. It was full of blue cheese sauteed onions and a special spicy sauce. I highly recommend trying it.

The kids seemed to have fun too! They were so good and patient waiting for the big parade to start. Ironically Max was the one who ended up with the most candy. Maddie and Cooper seemed more interested in talking and Rylie was just happy watching.

You've gotta love a good parade in a small town. You are guaranteed to see at least 1/2 a dozen strange people. It's almost as good as going to the airport. For instance, look at this guy. PIMP, I mean seriously. I know you ladies want to take him out but you may have to stand in line!

After eating the kids played outside for hours and cupcakes. Hopefully this will give me a few more minutes of sleep in the morning! After cupcakes it was time for 2 little monkey's to hit the bath. Boy were they a mess.

It's so awesome watching them play together. The 2 older ones, Madeline and Cooper almost always get in a fight over something. This time there was no fighting. They talked and acted like they'd been friends forever. And the two younger ones also did great. They played together like never before. The evening ends and the part comes we all hate. Saying goodbye even though they just live 30 minutes away. It was truly an awesome evening with an awesome extension to our family.


amanda said...

wow friend - looks like super fun!!

and loving the new look - i can't keep up with all your talents :)

janaebranning said...

Wow - the kids look like they had a blast! The Edison Kids are so cute and there little faces remind me so fondly of their parents :). I'm loving Madeline's emails - OMG! What is going on with her tonsills? said...

Great pix! I really love your work!

What a fun day! That BBQ looks so yummy!!!