Tuesday, March 17, 2009

They must come out!

A few weeks ago we took Madeline to the Ear Nose and Throat doctor. She's had chronic tonsillitis over the past 6 months she's been on antibiotics 4 times. Her lymph nodes swell very large and she complains about her throat hurting all the time. So, off we went. The first doctor our office has always referred people to that practice so to me it was a nobrainer on where and who to see. He immediately said those are big and need to come out. 4 rounds of antibiotics in 6 months is a lot. He never asked does she snore, does she complain about any breathing problems. He merely looked in her mouth at her tonsils, looked at her ears and felt her neck. I left the appointment knowing what I knew going in. Nothing more. I had my tonsils out 4 years ago, it sucked. It really did as an adult. But, I also know I've never asked for my tonsils back! After talking to Chase about the appointment we felt a second opinion was warranted. I mean really an ENT is a surgeon and I've worked in health care for 15 years. I have yet to meet one who doesn't say,  I'm not going to cut on you! I made the second appointment with another physician I had worked with in the past. He does specialize in pediatrics and sinus problems. So, today off we went to see him. This experience was awesome. We walked in the whole office was so nice. The nurse actually got down on Madeline's level. She made her feel like she was in charge! They both talked to Madeline not just Chase and I. He had her open her mouth and breath for a while to make sure her tonsils weren't obstructing. They weren't she does however snore like a freight train! He explained the procedure and how he has the newest technology out there and uses ions and water for the cutting part of surg. This decreases their pain and makes the scabs much thinner which is better for the healing process. He also recommended doing another procedure to shrink her turbinates.  That would help out in the long run with her chronic allergies and sinus issue. Ultimately it's scary that she's having surgery. I'm terrified just like any parent would be but in the long run she'll feel better.  

**************************This just in*************************
Madeline's surgery will be on Friday June 12th!


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

My brother had his out at age 4 and did GREAT. I had mine out when I was 24 and it was AWFUL. I'd honestly rather give birth :) I hope that if my kids have to have them out, they do it as early as possible... they seems to do SOOOOO much better with it, as kids!

Chandra said...

You know what's funny...Cooper is the one who told me madeline was going to have her tonsil out...we never discussed on Saturday...he was all worried for her!

I hope she does well, I'm sure she will. Of course if you guys need anything let us know, it's a short drive for us! When is it going to be?

Lots of Love!

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

For some reason, I can't figure out how to leave a comment on your most recent post...

But, I loooove the pictures. And since I haven't said it yet this week - THOSE CURLS ARE TO DIE FOR! :)