Monday, April 6, 2009

Good Vs. Evil

This weekend the Nugen's did nothing. It was fabulous! When I say we did nothing I mean yesterday, I didn't even leave the house. However, doing nothing has a long term effect on the monkey's. They tend to get really restless. When that happens good vs. evil transpires. For example when I ask Madeline to clean up her room she does it. Not always willingly but she does it. And, she does a great job. She's always pleased with how her room looks.
Then, you have this. This is Mophead. Mind you I wrote an earlier entry last week about his obsession with cleaning supplies. That in no way means he likes to clean. In fact he hates it. You'll see the response I get from him below. Are you scared? You should be. He didn't clean his room. He was to worried about destroying things.


Which is why my living room has these all over the floor. I know they look great here but believe my by the time I had stepped over them for the thousandth time they didn't look so hot.


So, I beg of you mother nature. Please let spring come, please. Before I end up going crazy. I'm ready for some flowers, no more snow! 



Chandra said...

Hey it sounds like the same kind of weekend the Eidson's had...I LOVE doing nothing!

I hope it's nice for the 25th!!

amanda said...

where oh where are you spring??

please come back :)

ps - great pics friend!