Saturday, May 16, 2009

HELP, SOS, 911

I know it's Suday but I need help for this weeks I heart faces contest. 
What is the best face picture I've ever taken? Are you serious? Do you honestly know how many pictures I've taken? Here are my top pics. I have until Monday to place my entry (Tuesday really but I like to be ahead of the game.) 
This picture was taken last weekend and I love the bright colors of it... 


Here's a Black and White that I also love. 


This photo was from when Madeline was 3. I had never really done anything with it. I took it at Halloween that year across from our house. There were grass hoppers jumping everywhere and it was a quick shot when she wasn't freaking out. Please help me out with this. It could mean a lot of advertisement for Photography by Tricia Nugen! That's a Huge deal! 


Oh, no! What if I take more this weekend? Crikey! Please help me out girls you all rock and I need your opinion! 

Or if there's one that isn't here please help! I literally have thousands of photos I'm looking at! 

Please don't be afraid to leave your comments I need them this time.... (ahhheemmmm, Mom Ruthie, Janae, Chase- I know you look at this).


amanda said...

u know i am a total sucker for black and whites - so my first vote is that one. but the one when baby girl is only three...oh the eyes! so my second vote is that one.

i am no help huh?

Chandra said...

I love the first one; like you said I think the colors are so vivid and beautiful and blend wonderfully with her eyes!
My second choice is the last one when she was 3. For the oposite reasons...I like the quiet subtlety of it.

Go with you gut Tricia, you have excellent taste! said...

oh, this is hard...but i choose #3.

Love all 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!