Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday is over!

I hope you all had a great weekend! We had a fabulous weekend here at the Nugen hacienda! We started it out with Chasenpants going fishing Friday night. The rule the kids gave him was wake us up when you get home if you catch something. Now, I must say in my past experience as a child if I said that to my dad he brought nothing home. Not the case here. He and BFF's husband brought home 8 catfish. So, he woke up the kids at 12:00 midnight. I wish I would have thought to have the camera ready.  The catfish were hissing and Maddie and Max were fussing. They walked out on the desk with all the confidence in the world and ran back in as quick as the could. I quickly tucked them back in bed and happily went to Taco Bueno for hubby. He was very hungry! 

Saturday 5:30am. Little man woke me up and wouldn't even think about going back to sleep. It was forecast to be 100 degrees. We decided we'd go see a movie in the cool theatre. We picked UP in 3-D. It was a good movie, very cool. But, it was NOT a kids movie. It was very heavy. Then it was off to 810 zone for dinner.  We had planned on going to the local 71 cruisers car show in our local town. This is so not Chase and my thing. But, the mop head is also a motor head. we walked out of 810 zone and there was a HUGE thunderstorm. Needless to say car show cancelled and one very upset little boy in the back seat.  Sunday was beautiful! Max took a long much needed nap. I laid outside and read my book. (of course i had sunscreen on) Chase was on his hammock. Perfect! When Max woke up it was nothing but play time!  I'll post those pictures tomorrow! 

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amanda said...

no he did not wake them up!!

that is awesome!!