Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On the Road again!

Here we go now! Are you excited? I am... The Nugens are off on an adventure! Where you might say? hmmmmm.......
You may remember me talking about Chaseypants (AKA superhusband and superdad) Class reunion coming up! We both are southern Kansas kids. Chase spent most of his life in a little town called Goddard, KS. That's right where one of the first high school shooting's took place 1986. Did you know that during this little escapade my husband was in 4th grade? He knew the kid that did the shooting. James Allen Kearby (very very bad boy - NON super anything!) They were all instructed to take cover while this was happening and my husband ChasenPantsNStuff crawled out from under his desk to get one of the girls in his class her donut to lay on. The said classmate had a broken tail bone and he didn't want her to be uncomfortable. He could have been shot. Thank goodness he wasn't! Thank you ChasenPantsNStuff for taking care of others, including me your wife and your beautiful children. And, thank you for not getting shot! 

This is a true story and I can't wait to hear more this weekend at Goddard's Class of 1993 reunion! That's were we are heading tomorrow. The kids are staying with Grandma Ruthie in Derby and we are headed to Wichita! I will be mobile blogging as much as I can. I can't however promise that my comment section will agree to cooperate with me! Happy early weekend peeps!

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amanda said...

yipppeee for road trips!! safe and happy travels friend :)

ps - too bad our little weekend getaways didn't time out on the same weekend - maybe next time :)