Thursday, September 3, 2009

Life as a girl *****may come off as an angry post****

2 years ago I decided I would have my tubes tied. Other wise known as a BTL in the medical world (not to be confused with a BLT which I'd really like to have Right now!). I have a pretty complicated history as far as being a girl is concerned including a diagnosis of endometriosis, 2 laporoscopies, taking clomid to conceive, a miscarriage and heavy periods. Isn't this fun! So, I talked to my OBGYN whom let me just say is awesome! She really is! She recommended a procedure called an endometrial ablation. It would make it so I didn't have so much fun every month if you catch my drift. I had the procedure at the same time initially as my tubal. Well, they were doing the procedure and nicked my uterus so the procedure had to be stopped! After trying a 6 month trial period (no pun intended) and a few more fun months we attempted the procedure again! I watched the whole thing while lying there doped up on Valium (this was last October.) Month fun stuff that month. It seemed all is well. Month 2 OK! This is working out really nice WOW! I get to about month 6 and all I can say Is what the heck is going on here? Now, I'm almost at the 1 year mark and I'm on my fourth party in 6 weeks. I am no longer calling this a fun thing! I'm not sure why when we are all young girls we can't wait until our first visit from aunt flo comes. How do I get rid of this woman? She's like Ray's mom from something about Raymond. You know Marie - She won't leave! So, I've come to the conclusion that god has got to be a man. No woman in her right mind would do this to another. That would be cruel. And as caddy and facetious as we all are I don't think anyone would do this. I wish I could say I've had it but like I said The WOMAN WON'T Leave!!!!

Didn't one of you say you were wanting company and you'd take her off my hands?

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Tiffany Walensky said...

lol - being a woman does suck sometimes.

Chandra said...

There is only one solution now honey! Other then the medical bills is SOOOOOOO worth it!

Hope your not in any pain though, cause that would make it even worse!

Love ya..(and no I do not wish to take your aunt of your hands :) ) said...

Wow! That does sound BAD!

I'll send you a one-way ticket!

Sorry you are going through this.