Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My take on Novel H1N1

I have been asked by several people what my take on the Novel H1N1 Pandemic is... First off Please understand I am in NO way an expert on this. Yesterday, I attended a meeting with our local health department. The epididimologist discussed this in depth with us. She discussed the big Hype for the CDC and what that's all about. Which I found rather interesting because I didn't know! It turns out the only time this particular strain of flu virus was ever seen before was in 1918. It was known as the spanish flu. This flu was known to have caused more deaths than the black death. However, as I was reminded yesterday when discussing this with CNP(ChasenPants)disentary was also present in that time. This is also unlike the regular flu in the case that patients older than 60 are not likely to get the H1N1. Why? Because chances are pretty good they have been exposed in their lifetime. The reason they are calling the Novel H1N1 a pandemic is because what will happen is unknown. The medical world has changed just a little (insert scarcasim here) since 1918. It's important to keep that in mind when looking at the statistics on the CDC website. The regular flu shot we recieve every year is at best a guessing game on which strain will cause all the issues that year. Working in healthcare for 16 years now I have only not taken the flu vaccine once. I didn't get sick. You know why? Because all of this hype comes down to one thing. You can keep yourself healthy by following the simple rules of Universal Precautions. So, what do I advise? Wash your hands, Wash your hands, Wash your hands!

You should wash with warm water and antibacterial soap. Wash while you sing the ABC's twice. It's a great learning time for those little ones! And, if someone in your house is sick switch out the bathroom towels to paper towels. No mom in her right mind wants to do laundry that much. If you do have a cough, be nice and curtious to others around you and cough in your elbow! Or, if you are in a confined place use a mask if asked. Don't be offended if you feel crummy from what you have, Do you really think others want to feel the same way? Keep Purell in your purse.

Antibacterial gel is great in a pinch. However, it must have more than 60%alcohol. It DOES NOT in any way replace hand washing. And last but certainly not least THROW away your used Kleenex's. They aren't reusable! Don't tuck them in your sleeve just throw them out. And remember to get your annual flu shot.

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