Saturday, October 3, 2009

Are you serious? OMG!

Ok, so those of you that follow me on FB are aware of my frustration with The Miley Cyrus Concert. Madeline LOVES Miley. And, back in July her tickets went on sale. We gave her a choice of The Jonas Brothers or Miley. She clearly chose Miley. So, CNP (husband of the year award coming soon) being his awesome self decided he'd join the fan club to get pre-sale tickets! Remember back in the day when it didn't cost you to be a fan. Well, Thank you Disney! It was $30 and the tickets which might I add are 3rd row off the stage weren't cheap!(But when you are turning 7 and it's your birthday present it doesn't matter) Well, here's how the story went down.....

Madeline and I are on our way to Target on Thursday night to buy candy for the homecoming parade on Friday. (more on that later. ) On the way there she says, "mom I have mud all over me." I said, O well. We are running in to Target and right back home so NO big deal! We pull into Target parking lot and the radio is on and I'm not even paying attention really. Then, I hear this loud ridiculous sound from the back seat. I turn around and she is bawling hysterically. I asked, "What in the world are you crying about?". (If you know Maddie you know I thought it was totally about the mud) She responds with, "didn't you hear that? (Spoken in 7 year old drama) They cancelled the Miley Cyrus concert and I've been waiting for so long." I calmly said, "What? I didn't hear that." So, we sit in the Target parking lot waiting for the current song to get over and see if the D.J. says anything else. Sure enough he comes on and says, that's right the Miley Cyrus concert has been cancelled and rescheduled to October 17th due to illness. When you are 6 1/2 and you've been waiting for what seems like an eternity 2 more weeks is ridiculous! Madeline immediately starts bawling. I turn the car around and we head back home without our candy. You see, the concert being rescheduled isn't the big deal. The big deal here is we have a wedding to be at the night the concert is resheduled. And the even bigger deal is that Ticketmaster after they raped us with stupid charges has decided to become more eco friendly and make this the first ever paperless tour. What does that mean? Well, it means that whoever purchased the ticket must present ID and present the same credit card the tickets were purchased on to get in. That is your ticket. Now, do you really think CNP wants to go to Miley? Not so much! Not that he doesn't want to go because it's Madeline's first concert but he doesn't want to go to the Miley concert if you know what I mean. So, on October 17th we'll miss the wedding of Chase's cousin so CNP and mophead can drive Madeline and I down to the Sprint Center for the concert! So, the $60 tickets have now cost a LOT more! Now I can imagine what you are thinking...... how can you let a 7 year old make that decision? Can't you get a refund? But, for us it's simple.... If it means her being happy and having a fantastic gift for her birthday that she will totally remember for the rest of her life that's what we'll do. Why??? Because she's our Maddie. She's our princess and that's what matters! And, she's a really good kid.

Hopefully all of this will end like a commercial and seem as though it was priceless! Madeline I hope and pray one day when you read this you'll realize just how really cool your parents are. We love you Madeline!

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Chandra said...

Oh I think she knows ;)

I think Princess deserves to see Miley, CNP's family will just have to understand..Princess ALWAYS comes first!