Monday, November 23, 2009


I thought it would be fun to post a few funnies this week from our house. I'm not sure why every year the Holiday's brings out the emotions of life for adults and the oneries in children. They have literally faught all weekend at this house. I know we don't have that big of a house but, we have one. Today, Max has been especially lovey. He told me that we should only be using plastic in the house and not Aluminum. And, mom you know I learned that from Wall-e. That wasn't the funny part though, he walked away then came back. He said, "Mom, I hope Santa knows we don't use Aluminum. it's not as good as plastic for the environment." Only his environment sounded a little like envownmnt. lol!
(that was last week)
Today I kept hearing "holy slookies".
I asked Madeline 3 times what he was saying and she said say it again Max. When he repeated it she finally said, "O I know. He's saying Holy Schnikes mom."
I laughed so hard. All I could think of from that point on was Chris Farley in Tommy Boy singing Fat guy in a little coat! We'll work on that next!

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