Monday, December 7, 2009

Family fun

This weekend I worked Friday night, but I was off on Saturday. We had fun Christmas shopping Saturday morning and a great fantastic nap on Saturday afternoon. I am notorious for deciding last minute to hmmmm take family photos. Right before we took our nap I told Chase my wishes. He agreed to give it a try. Let's just say I ended up with about 15 shots that I like. It was cold and when I say cold I mean OMG what was I thinking it is tooo cold out here. The kids did great and Max would have taken photos as long as I wanted I think. Chase and I have snapshots but really nothing else since our wedding so it was fun. I let Madeline take a picture of us and you know - she did pretty good. Granted this photo is edited but here's what it looked like before...

I know- dark but she's 7. Here's the final edited version... Love it! I puffy heart the look. What do you think?


Thanks, Madeline! You rock honey!


amanda said...

looks like you have a budding photographer on your hands mama :)

ps - i am loving your hair!!

Fresh Mommy said...

Fun, fun, fun! She did great... a good eye already, at 7! Funky editing too. You guys look great. :)


Chandra said...

What can I say...awesome!

LOVE the Christmas look around here! ;)

Chandra said...

(Dang I tried posting this if this posts twice, sorry)
One word for your aspiring little photographer...awesome!

Love the Christmas look around here! ;)