Monday, March 29, 2010

Well Woman Exam

Today is the day, today I have my yearly exam. Aren't you excited? I am! Friday, they called me to let me know that not only would they be doing my pap but, they'd like to go ahead and do an endometrial biopsy. For those of you that know me you may remember this was the one and only time in my life that I was so sick from pain I vomited in the parking lot. I've had one. I don't want another. But, with the continued problems and irregularity of my cycle they feel it's a necessary evil. They will also be doing a CA-125 because my dad's sister has ovarian cancer. My vote is for some pharmaceutical company to come up with a little pill you take when you know you aren't going to have any more babies. A little pill that will shrink everything up inside you that isn't needed any longer. It would even shrink the belly fat! I don't know what will come of all of this and I'd gladly just let them take it all. But, that still hasn't been offered to me as an option. My OB and I have always had a great relationship. If this doesn't go well, I may just find another. NO woman in her right mind would want to continue having the pain and discomfort every month. So, say a prayer today! I'll be needing it.


amanda said...

i can't believe you are still dealing with this!!

thinking of you today - fingers crossed and lots of happy thoughts!!!

Chandra said... the new background!

Chandra said...

Prayer said honey!

Good luck today...hope she gives you more opttions! Nobody should live with that pain. I'm telling you, the best thing I ever did was get my parts removed.