Monday, May 24, 2010

Madeline's 1st Softball game

Well, I promised she'd be taking over the blog and here it goes! This girl is a rock star! She was 3 for 3 tonight batting and made some unbelievable plays! Her dad and I couldn't be more proud! She played pitcher and was a star!
Yeah - that's right he's mine and I am so proud that he's out there coaching Maddie! They make a great team and have quite the bond!
Foul Ball! But I love the sun coming through! Love it!
This was a base hit!
And this was the boy.... digging, and doing what boys do while others are trying to watch the game!
They don't really keep score at this age but the coaches do and it was a 1 run loss. The other team was out for blood!
I do have a video and we'll try and get that up soon. It's late and we haven't been home long and then another adventure took place in the garage! That will be blogged later this week. Let's just say the 8 legged thing is dead. Sorry PETA! Chase won!

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