Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cambridge Fun Day!

When I was growing up it wasn't called fun day, it was field day. I'm not sure when it changed but it did and it was fun! There were no real rewards what it's about is just Fun! I worked the event all day with PTA and then in the afternoon I actually was able to watch Madeline participate. It was so cold all morning I'm so thankful the sun came out and the kids in the afternoon didn't freeze. Here's some pictures from the days activities.

This is Frog bounce which I want at home. You put the bean bag frog on the ball drop the ball and the frog goes sailing through the air! Love this game!
This is how Madeline goes under the Water Limbo
And this is how the boys do it....
I know his mom was not happy about that shirt! Thank goodness the parents did NOT have to pay for them. Our fabulous PTA paid for all the kids shirts! We went with white because of cost! Madeline's is now a play shirt. It didn't survive and I'm ok with it because she had fun!
A little tug of War? Or should I say Mud War?
Even Madeline's teacher got in on the fun!

Overall it was a fantastic day watching the girls all hangout and complain about the boys! Somethings on the playground never change! Tomorrow will be the Princess's first Softball game of the season! I'm so excited!

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Chandra said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! I love the sliding's not fun unless you get wet and muddy!