Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Early weekend!

Today I'll be spending the day at Madeline's school. It's fun day! For some reason some adult in my 20 years of being out of elementary school thought it was a good idea to do away with Track and Field day and actually make it fun day? WTH? It must have been about the same time when video games came out and we all quit being active. Just a thought! Next week I promise to have some pictures and good from the day! Monday is also the our first Softball game! She's quite the hitter out there! Can't wait to post some video from it! I'm all geeked out about the upcoming week! Can you tell? Happy weekend everyone! Spend it with the ones you love! They grow up too fast!


Chandra said...

Ohhh love the new background and header!

So ya, when did they stop calling it track & field day and more importantly stop giving ribbons...we ALWAYS got ribbons when I was little whether you won or not!
Have fun today, the sun is supposed to shine and it's supposed to start getting warm, FINALLY! Looking forward to those weekends on your deck, honey!

Fresh Mommy said...

They really, really do grow up too fast! But what a fun way to spend time with family!! We've had quite a busy weekend, but it will hopefully end with some downtime together.