Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New part of blog

Happy Tuesday evening everyone! Starting June 1st you can follow me on my new journey (still here at this blog). I am going to start a new part of my life and my new adventure. I follow this blog and it gave me a fantastic idea. Why not play along? Some of you have known me for a thousand years and you will or will not agree that I have always always gone through ups and downs with my happiness, exercise and healthy eating. So as I've been thinking about this  A lot I've learned that I never hold myself accountable. What I do is work really really hard then BOOM! I get where I want and then I give up! I give up and so something so silly like pig out or just quit going to the gym. Not because my membership runs out just because I don't want to do it! I am hoping that starting this journey and actually blogging about it will make me accountable and maybe even some of you will join me! I have the priveledge of having an awesome friend who is a runner (well I have 2 channnannanana lives too far away) who has agreed to help me on this journey. I used to run, not far but I would run about 3 - 4 times a week and then I had my heart surgery and that went away. I was so freaked out about having SVT and making my heart rate increase I quit! This last fall we joined our local community center and I started going to Zumba and working out and Theresa has been a great help! So, now she's going to help train me. I feel like I need someone to push me and be my own personal Jillian(biggest Loser)! I will also be taking a picture of myself everyday to help with my other largest battle that's right I'm saying it..... LOW Self ESTEEM!!!!! WOW that feels better! I'll be logging how many calories I've eaten each day and how much I've worked off! I hope this doesn't get boring for you guys and I hope MOST of all that I learn to finally like myself! It's been almost 35 years I'd love to start the next 30 happy with me!


Chandra said...

Holla Girlfriend!

You know, 90% of all dieters are that way...I'm one of them too! I've been running for a year now...that's great and all..but it matters zilch if you dont control your eating...and there inlies my problem. ugh. I think I just may participate with you! We have to get ourselves in bikini body form ASAP! Paola pool is calling our name!

Love ya!

HealthyMommy4MyGirls said...

YEAH BABY!!!! You are going to do great and I'm so excited to help you out! I don't know if I can be as mean as Jillian but I will motivate and push you!! You are beautiful inside and out, I admire all you do and SO WELL!!! Chandra said it right, running/exercising is great but will only help keep you skinny if you control your eating, I have experienced that time and time again! Hope you can train with me tonight!