Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cranky and just in a mood

We are going through some big changes at work this month. Updating form a physical chart to electronic medical records. I am swamped. We went through this a in March for the front office. I was very helpful. Everyday! Well, I'm annoyed. The back office is trying to get our stuff organized and guess what? They don't really care. They really aren't interested in helping or learning anything about this. It has put me in a mood. A mood of not wanting to go to work. Have you ever dealt with a nurse who doesn't want to be at work? We tend to wear our heart on our sleeve and no matter what we do it shoes. I am working through lunches and will be working overtime this week to try and get ahead before we go live - up on full electronic medical records- by July 26th. This may seem like a little freak out for no reason but some of my charts are 4 inches thick and patients take 20 different medicines that all have to be manually entered. Not to mention answer my call during the day. Yesterday, I had 37 calls in just one day. I tell you this will be a true test of my will power. If I make it through this without eating my way through it will be an amazing feat! Wish me luck! ;)
And, remember to be nice to the people at your doctor's office.


HealthyMommy4MyGirls said...

Hang in there! You are doing the right thing by caring and taking pride in your job, and an important job it is! You know know this which is why I love you! Thanks for all you do, I'm so appreciative of caring people in healthcare, we need people that care like you! When you are stressed and think you need a snack, think about all the time you are wasting by doing that when you have 4-inch thick charts, and the money you are making :-) YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Chandra said...

I'm right there with you...cranky, that is. They don't care because I have a feeling they know you'll take care of it. Slackers. :) Just kidding...Chin up sista...it can only go up from here (hopefully)!