Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today Chase and I headed to the gym. On the way there I'm telling him what to me is most important to target - you know the ghetto booty, and thighs. He was saying something about squats and all I could think of was the normal squats we've been doing in Zumba etc. BOY was I wrong. He was meaning SQUATS, Squats with the bar and weight. You know the kind real weight lifters do. The kind he's been doing for 2 years and can do like 1,000 pounds.
Let me just say - I can see why you need someone with you, and why it burns the most calories and fat. After that I was feeling pretty Pretty good so, off on my other regular scheduled program I went.

Let me just say - I'll let you know if I can walk in the morning! Thanks honey for increasing my bootiliciousness! Love ya! ;)

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Chandra said...

Soooo....can you walk today??

What's CNP's remedy for the mid-section...cause running isn't making that part of me go away...