Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 1 of my new adventure

Well, I made it! I made it through the first day!
My first big change was NO coffee. Why you ask? Well, I don't just do coffee. I have to add creamer and I don't like the sugar free fat free stuff. It's the real deal here! Or as Chase would say I Vag my coffee up!
This is a really REALLY hard post for me. In some ways I can't believe I'm posting these. In another way I hope that my journey will somehow inspire someone else. And please, if you are reading my blog at this point and you want to say something negative say it somewhere else. Looking at these pictures to me is negative enough. And yet somehow at the age of 34 almost 35 I still haven't figured out how to like me. I had Chase take these photos to indicate where I am on my journey. Today I had 1000 calories. I did NOT get to workout because I drove to Emporia to pick up the kids and didn't return until 8:30pm. They just went to bed as I am writing this post. So here it goes.....
Today's weigh in indicated that I am at 151. My Height is 64" which makes my BMI 25.9. 1 point over a Normal weight. In order to get my weight down to a healthy weight I need to lose at the LEAST 10 pounds. My goal for this month which is my first month doing this is 8 pounds. I will not weigh myself until July 1. I have indicated in my pictures by circling in red what I do NOT like about my body.

I started with the picture that had the least amount of red. Of course I don't like my butt. Does any girl? Seriously?
back view 6-1-2010
Next up the Side View
side view6-1-2010
Last is the front view, wow look at that red!
front view 6-1-2010
Well, cheers to day 1!


amanda said...

a) happy day one :)

b) i think you look great - but i know this isn't about me - but i still had to say it :)

c) i am proud of you

Chandra said...

I don't care what you say...you still look great to me (and to Chasenpants I'm sure)! Like I said we are our own worst critics...I loved the part about after 34 years your still not happy with "me"...girl I'm 40 and I have NEVER been happy with me...BUT we are going to do this thing together and WE are going to look fabulous in the end AND we get to run a mini marathon so we will look HOT and SPORTY!

(Notice I haven't posted pics of me half naked...I just don't know if I can...so KUDOS my friend...that was just one ginormous hurdle right there!)

Happy New Adventure!

anne said...

You are so brave to post pictures! I think you look fabulous and actually 150 lbs is my goal weight by the end of the summer. I don't know if that makes you feel any better. I am so proud of you for working toward being your best you!

Alysha (Supermom) said...

I am so proud of you! But like a few said already, you already look great, however I know what you mean. We all don't like something about ourselves, but it takes so much to put it out there for everyone to see. Keep up your good work. Xo