Tuesday, October 12, 2010

True Friendship doesn't come everyday... And, when it does Celebrate it!

I am fortunate enough to be part of a great friendship known as the Wolf pack. It's a friendship that started in 1997 outside of Orlando in Winter Park, FL. Chase and I were typical college students (he was in college, I was working). You know, save money all week by eating Bologna, Ra men Noodles, cheap chips, basically crap food so we could by a couple 12 packs for the weekend and party!!!!!
It wasn't the best diet but, I was ironically 15 pounds less then I am now! On to my story, during my journey I met some of the best friends anyone could E.V.E.R. have! One person In particular became the  best brother Chase could have.  He became the brother, I never had! I've blogged about him before here. And, now - I am going to play the proud Best Friend, Little Sister he deserves! I am so proud of him and honored to call him one of the most amazing people I've ever had the chance to know! Now, he has an amazing opportunity to become the "Adventure Keefe he's always wanted." He's shooting a pilot for a new DISCOVERY - That's right I said it DISCOVERY CHANNEL show
He leaves tomorrow to do his pilot shoot. Shooting in Oregon and Looking for Big Foot! You'll notice my profile pic for face book is Big Foot! You are welcome to join in and support him!
I'm so proud of you Chris. U are now on the TRUE adventure you've been training your whole life for! Your niece and nephew are MORE than honored to call you uncle and can't wait to show you off at Show and tell! We love you! And no matter what You will ALWAYS.. ALWAYS be the adventure that makes our life a true adventure!
Love you - TriciaPantsNStuff Wooo!