Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Surgery update

Well, i am post op now! I feel an explanation is necessary since my love bug hijakedmy facebook page during surg!
I had a total hysterectomy this morning. After having terrible cycles that have lasted over 12 days a month for 7-8 months I decided to find a new GYN. She agreed immediately after reviewing my extensive records that consisted of 2 laparoscpies, 2 endometrial ablations, and having my tubes tied it was time to take the next step.

During surgery I had an episone of btadycardia. What is that? It's wete your  rate slows way down. Per anesthesiology it looked like on the monitor that I had an 2nd degree AV block! They used epinephrine to put my heart back in normal rythym. It from that point was Tachycadic. So I am now wearing a monitor and they will be consulting cardiologist!
Thank u for your continued support and prayers!


anne said...

Thinking about you today and sending tons of positive energy your way! I hope you have a speedy recovery and the only problem with your heart is when it skips a beat when you see Chase. hehe =]

Chandra said...

Keep me posted love! Hope your doing well and recovering and by that I mean taking it easy AND NOT BLOGGING!!
Love ya!