Friday, August 21, 2009

A Birthday Wish

This Sunday is my birthday! I know I should be excited and I am but my wishes this year are very small. Last year my Grandma died the night before so, I'm going to play it low key!

All I've asked for is to take the kids bowling or minature golf! I know it's cheesy but it's also right up my alley! (get it! ha - I made a funny)

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I'd also like to go take family pictures at Unity Village Sunday morning! We haven't taken pictures as a family since Maxwell was 2 years old. See- And, nobody in our family looks remotely close to that anymore! Yikes!

Ha! Scared ya didn't I....
This is the real one! Really just a snap shot!

Oh and, I want these shoes.

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Not all of them just one pair of them. I figure if Meredyth Grey can pull it off with her scrubs so can I.

See, I'm not asking for much at all!

Happy day, and a Happy Birthday!

1 comment:

Chandra said...

Okay first..LOVE the Halloween costumes, was that in your townhouse? But Chase looks soo much like the guy from the 70's show...
Secondly, your family picture is way cute! I can't believe how young Max and Mad were and your hair was adorable!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday my dear friend...surely you will get your pair of converse shoes; afterall it's waaaay cheaper then the lense you REALLY want! (If you dont' get them let me know cause I will get them for you!)

Happy Birthday!