Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 4

I skipped yesterday - sorry I don't want this to become just some other post!

Yesterday i didn't get to do my normal workout! I did however mow the lawn and really cut back my calories.

Today I started the day out in LEss than a happy mood. I woke up to a belly because Marie is coming to visit. (those of you who aren't normal readers of my blog may want to read this) And, Friday's at work is casual day. So, I did what any normal woman would do I grabbed a pair of capri's out of the closet. Madeline had a game tonight and I knew it would be extremely hot out there! I pulled on my white capri's - which are a pair of my favorites. Do you think they fit? Mind you I'm a perfect size 8 wishing to just be back in my size 6 gap white pinstrip pants. They wouldn't even begin to fit around my middle. Gosh, talk about frustration. I wanted to crawl in a hole and stay. So, I decided ok you have to not do what you usually do. You have to decide to get over this....
What did I do? Well, I pulled out a pair of scrub pants, my running bra and a black tank top. I threw on a black short sleeved top over the tank top and backed something to wear later. I had decided once the pants wouldn't cooperate that I'd run at lunch. Friday's at work we ALWAYS have a rep luncheon. I keep box lunches in the freezer just in case I can't eat what they bring. So, they called and of course what do you think they wanted to bring? Chinese. I sooo wanted General Taso's. So bad I could taste it! So did i? No I chose steamed shrimp and broccoli. I went for my run and only ate the broccoli and shrimp. No RICE. I didn't want to eat anything after running. It was 94 degrees at lunch but I did it! Then it was off to the game tonight and sit in the heat! They played great and I'll post pictures of that later this weekend. Let's just say I am one proud mama. Madeline took a ball in the face and shook it off! I was so proud. She'll have a bruise tomorrow I'm sure.
Tomorrow we have a 4 mile walk in the morning for Research Belton Foundation. Chase is going with and pulling the kids in the wagon! It will be a workout that's for sure! Happy Friday and happy weekend everyone!

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anne said...

You are doing great! I think that is so cool that Chase went with you and did the cardio/weights class too! I love it when the guys go and do just one of our classes and are blown away!