Sunday, July 11, 2010


Those of you who know me  know I'm mildly obsessed with my hair. It's looked different over the years. Different colors, styles, highlights, textures never the same very long. I am trying to grow it out. I really am but it's touching my neck and usually when this happens I call my hair godess Christie and say umm.... we need to cut this. Last time she told me NO. Your hair is healthy and you always, always have my wack it off and then you grow it out. Let's see what happens. That was 6 weeks ago before it started touching my neck. I swear it's froing out now just like Max's. Thank goodness for products. This is what I'm wanting - I'm not that far away..... Wish me luck! In red of course!

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anne said...

When I was at that stage with my hair I got the japenese hair straightening done to it...but now I hear the brazilian blow out is better. Anyway, it worked for me and my hair is seriously almost to my butt now.